Clinked is a virtual data room launched in 2009 in the UK. The service is online, which makes it cross-platform. It can be opened on any device: PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Clinked is a compromise solution for those companies that want to try virtual data rooms and are looking for a low-cost option. However, it has everything users need, for which Clinked is popular.

Benefits of Clinked SaaS platform

Fast. The time it takes to go from an idea to a running project can be several days (in some cases, you can deploy a project in a few hours).

Cheap. SaaS solutions in the short term are much more affordable than custom development of even a similar project in terms of requirements. In the case of SaaS, the supplier simply “ships” the ready-made version of the software (the cost of the process is quite low), and in the case of individual development, the solution provider spends much more resources on identifying and analyzing requirements, on solving the tasks and launching the project.

Everything is included. SaaS solutions include everything necessary for the full-fledged operation of the project – there is no need to select, install and configure your software, you do not need to order hosting and set up a server, and in the future, you do not need to deal with technical support of the project. All this is done for you by the SaaS solution provider.

How to use Clinked?

The provider offers you four tariff plans designed for companies of different sizes. You can choose the cheapest plan, which costs about $ 100 per month if you have a small company or you are a startup that is gaining momentum.

Before using Clinked, users can try the software for free: 10 days are given to make a final decision.

If you are willing to put up with some limited functionality, then you can use Clinked for free! It is curious because not every provider of virtual data rooms gives such an opportunity.

Program interface

Clinked looks very classic for a virtual data room. The interface of the program is made in white and blue colors. However, you can personalize the program to be more attractive to your employees.

Small menus are on the sides of the main working field and the actual operating area. In the side menu, you can switch between tools and the operative field; in fact, deal with the project you are currently working on.

Data protection and privacy

Like any virtual data room, Clinked offers many options for those users looking for the ultimate in data protection and privacy. Encryption keys and double authentication are present here, which protect against the penetration of third parties into your company’s data room.

You can also be sure that employees will not steal information about your enterprise since each file is assigned a certain level of access for each employee. There are also watermarks and protection against photographing the screen (when you try to do this, stripes appear on the screen and nothing is visible in the photo).